A Level

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Why take A Level at Abacus?

We can offer you:

  • Small classes – individual attention and support, in classes averaging 3-5 students
  • Qualified and experienced tutors who are subject specialists
  • A teaching approach that includes practical study skills and is exam-focused
  • Expert advice and assistance on university applications

A Level course options

Two Year Course

Students who have just completed GCSE, IGCSE or an overseas equivalent would normally enrol on the two year A Level course which starts in September.

Other students entering this course may have just completed an English language course, in Abacus College’s partner language school Oxford Language Centre or elsewhere.

All students are helped, at the start of the first year, to understand the language and terminology of the subjects they are studying. They will then complete the work for the AS examinations, which are taken in May/June.

In the second year of the course students study towards the A2 examinations and may also be given the opportunity of improving the marks obtained in the AS examinations, if necessary.

Five Term (18 month) Course

This is a shortened version of the two year course. It starts in January and students prepare for the AS examinations in May/June. The second year is a full year, from September to June, at the end of which the A2 examinations are taken.

The five term course will be a good idea for students who need a term of intensive English first in Oxford Language Centre from September to December in order to obtain the necessary IELTS score for entry to A Level.

One Year Intensive Course

If you have already taken an A Level course and wish to improve your grades you may enrol for this course. If you have excellent secondary school qualifications and are prepared to commit fully to hard work, or if you are a mature student needing to shorten your study time, this course may be suitable.


One term, two term or one year retake courses are available for both the AS Level and the A2 Level examinations.


Abacus College specialises in preparing students for examinations in the following subjects:

  • Business: Accounting; Business Studies; Economics
  • Law & Social Science: Government & Politics; History; Law; Sociology
  • Science & Mathematics: Biology; Chemistry; Computing; Mathematics; Further Mathematics; Physics; Psychology; Statistics
  • Languages: French; German; Italian; Spanish; Russian; Mandarin

A Level Examination Boards

  • AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)
  • EDEXCEL (London Examinations)
  • OCR (Oxford & Cambridge RSA Examinations)

Why Choose an A Level course?

In most countries, students have a general school education and only start to specialise in the subjects of their choice when they enter university.

This is one reason why many students choose to come to the UK to join an A Level course, which allows them to choose the three or four subjects in which they are really interested and learn about these subjects in depth.

Universities appreciate this knowledge and students who take an A Level course may apply to any university in the UK.

How to make your subject choice

  • Choose subjects you are interested in and think you will enjoy. You are then more likely to work hard and achieve good grades.
  • Decide if the subjects you are considering will suit your strengths, such as essay-writing or working with numbers.
  • Look at the requirements for the career you hope to enter and the university course you will take to reach this career objective. For example, if you want to study medicine at university you will need to take Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. If you want to become an Engineer you will need to take Mathematics and Physics. For Economics and some Business degree courses you will probably be asked for A Level Mathematics. Please see our A Level subject combination guide ->

Help in making the right choice

In Abacus College we will advise you if you are having any difficulty in deciding which course or which subjects you should take. You may like help in deciding whether a University Foundation Programme or an A Level course is the better way to prepare yourself for entering a university. If you have already chosen an A Level course you may not be certain which are the right subjects for you.

If you would like to discuss your future education, we shall be very happy to help you either by phone at +44 (0)1865 240111 or by email at info@abacuscollege.co.uk

“Hi everyone! My name is Chenxi Li. I am from Xi’an Shannxi. I have been studying A Level at Abacus College in Oxford for more than a year now. I love the teaching methodology here and the fact that the classes are small. This means that I get a lot of individual attention and support. The tutors here at Abacus are very nice and enthusiastic. After my two year A Level course I am going to go on to university in the UK (hopefully Liverpool or Oxford Brookes) to study Accounting. I really recommend Abacus College to you!”

Chenxi Li (China)